Trading 101:

US30 • NAS100 • SPX500

$DIA • $SPY • $QQQ


Entering A Trade

Entering A Trade

Easier for some than others.

As a Suit, you will learn the ins and outs of entering and exiting a trade and everything that goes along.

Such as:

- Lot Size

- Risk per trade

- Take Profit/Stop Loss

- Utilizing Time Intervals

We do not place bets on Wall Street.

As a Suit, you will be briefed daily, before 9:30am EST Market Open, on the economic outlook for the trading day.

We drone out the noise and focus on the important numbers released

Economic News & Spotting Correlation

Understanding Economic News/Announcements


Spotting Correlation

Community Driven

We listen to your requests and trade with you.

Being community driven means we all trade together and move the market as a whole entity.

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